A-Rod Spending Thanksgiving With Madge

A-Rod Spending Thanksgiving With Madge

A-Rod "abandons" children to be with Madonna.

Oh man, this guy just can't catch a break. Not only is he solely known as the homewrecker who broke up Madge and Guy's marriage, rather than the third baseman for the Yanks,  but  he's now being called a bad dad because  he is allegedly spending Turkey day with Madonna. Alright, alright, we can see why people would judge him for this move. As The Superficial says, he has just left his wife in a highly-publicized divorce and should be spending these rough times with his own  children during the holidays, but still, he's being harrassed left and right! If I were the guy, I'd want to take a nice, long solo vacation to get away from all the madness!

The paps aren't the only ones all over A-Rod's case, his soon-to-be ex wife Cynthia is hittin' him hard. No, not literally. Here's a little tidbit from Page Six:

"The Yankee slugger, who ditched his wife of six years, Cynthia, after becoming besotted with Madonna, is a 'soul-less' man who is 'abandoning' his kids on Thanksgiving for his lover, according to what Cynthia is telling friends. Access Hollywood reports that Cynthia, who's in the final stages of her divorce from A-Rod, wrote an e-mail to a confidant noting: 'My 6-foot-3, 220-pound soul-less, soon-to-be ex-husband is abandoning his kids on Thanksgiving to be with Madonna... She called and he ran on her command back to New York City... gross!' To add insult to injury, after Rodriguez left Miami at Madonna's beck and call, his lawyer called Cynthia and wanted her to sign the couple's divorce settlement."

Who do you think wears the pants in A-Rod and Madonna's relationship? Doesn't it strike you as odd that after Rodriguez left Miami to be with Madonna, Cynthia was suddenly greeted by her ex's divorce lawyer? Maybe the greeting was Madonna's idea. After all, she does have a history of being controlling.

What exactly do A-Rod and Madonna have planned for the holiday? Perez Hilton says that the Yankee star is hosting dinner for Madgey, her kids and her manager, Guy Oseary.

Geez, if there's this much drama unfolding during Thanksgiving, we can only imagine what Christmas will bring! Happy holidays, everyone!


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