Stavros and Paris? Mandy and DJ AM?

Stavros and Paris? Mandy and DJ AM?

Paris and Mandy both backtrack to their exes.

Remember when  Paris Hilton was like, sooo in love with Benji Madden? She yakked and yakked to the paps about their special bond and spit out a whole slew of mushy cliches, only in true Ms. Hilton fashion. Well, just scratch all of that. In fact, erase it from your memory, because Paris is now allegedly done with Benji and moving on with Stavros Niarchos. Name ring a bell? He's the Greek shipping heiress who Paris dated in 2006.

The Superficial reports that the socialite and her ex were getting nice and cozy at a Miami nightclub over the weekend. "Bouncin' in the club where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn. I'm goin' to Miami, welcome to Miami." Thank you, Will Smith for summing up Paris and Stavros' reconciliation.

So before she was gettin' all jiggy wit it in the club, Hilton was attending the Victoria's Secret fashion show and so was the Greek. A source told The Sun, "Stavros looked thrilled to see Paris again and was spotted stroking her hair. They then looked deep in conversation."

We can't wait to hear what Benji boy has to say about this.

In other reconciliation news, after DJ AM suffered second and third degree burns in a plane crash this past September, his ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore spent a significant amount of time by his side in the hospital. Our own Kristin Booker covered their supposed rapprochement in early October, and also noted that AM was rumored to have a girlfriend at the time. It seems that this alleged girlfriend of his has disappeared into thin air, because the only gal we see anywhere near AM, is Ms. Mandy.

Now, according to Star Pulse, "Candy" Mandy hosted a party at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas this past weekend. Any idea who she selected to DJ the event? I'll give you a hint--she didn't choose Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend. AM and Mandy arrived at the venue together and throughout the night, she kept visiting him at the DJ booth. Pshh, she was probably just trying to get him to play one of her old songs. It's not like she likes the guy or anything!


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