"Breaking Dawn" Kind Of A Yawn

"Breaking Dawn" Kind Of A Yawn
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Stephanie Meyer's finale will leave fans of the vampire saga disappointed.

Breaking Dawn, the final chapter in Stephanie Meyer's addicting vampire love saga, should have been titled Breaking Rules. In the first three novels of the Twilight series, Meyers clearly outlined the laws of living that made this fantasy world so tangible. In this final book, however, she ignores everything she’s had us believe to create a novel that is filled with unnecessary drama and plot twists. Breaking Dawn speeds toward a climax that ultimately fails to deliver.

I realize that I probably bring a biased eye to the book since I think of the main characters of Edward, Bella, and Jacob as practically real people. Still, I can’t imagine that those who only know the series from the countless articles and trailers for the new movie would be won over by the shadows that Meyer's core characters have become in Breaking Dawn. Edward’s romantic vampire was portrayed as weak, depressed and a pushover (the complete opposite of the vamp we’ve come to know and love). Our heroine Bella, in possibly the books most frustrating execution, constantly complains about life, making it extremely unlikely that you’ll ever want to read the book over again. Her selfish acts, which continually hurt Jacob (Bella’s best friend and a werewolf) and Edward, make me wish she wasn’t the main character.

If you are a serious “Twilighter,” then you’ll naturally want to read this book. For those of you who are new to the books, be warned that Breaking Dawn is not the best of the series. With that said, when I closed the book on page 550, I was satisfied with Jacob’s life plan. Likewise, Edward and Bella fans will be satisfied with their romantic resolution. It’s unfortunate, but I get the feeling Meyer had only two goals to accomplish: Write the book as quickly as possible to finish the series and satisfy every reader with a squeaky-clean ending.

Breaking Dawn turns out to be as cold as a vampire’s skin. It lacks all the intensity and passion that made so many fans flock to this series the first time around. The only real emotion evident in Breaking Dawn is the deep love Meyer holds for all of her characters. She wants to ensure a happy ending for everyone of them, even if that means breaking all the rules to get them there.


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