Becoming Republican For Love

Becoming Republican For Love
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Falling in love changes a woman's political views.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows indeed. My husband and I have been married for 21 argumentative years. Technically 10 argumentative years, until I switched my political party affiliations. We had never seen eye to eye on anything, and we rarely had the same opinion on politics. When we first met, we had rousing arguments about who should be President of the United States. We had different opinions on why past politicians did lousy jobs as president or vice president. The only issue on which we agreed was that President Ronald Reagan's trickle down theory of economics was benefiting people who were already rich.

When we met in college we were both registered as Independents. After about seven years of marriage, he registered as a Republican and I stayed fast as an Independent. Being an Independent, I finally realized, was akin to having no affiliation with any political party. That meant an Independent either had a dearth or surplus of political candidates begging at her door for a vote.

We don't argue about politics anymore. I waved the white flag for the war to end; I surrendered. We no longer argue about politics because several years ago I reformed, came over to the dark side, was taken over by aliens, whatever you want to call it: I became a Republican.

The turning point came when we moved from our hometown to a smaller town for a much better opportunity. My husband had a radio talk show much like Rush Limbaugh's for about ten years. Listening to my husband on the radio every day completely changed my viewpoint. Maybe it was the strangeness of a new town, but I fell in love with my husband all over again. Every day on the radio, while I was hunkering down as a stay-at-home mom and settling us into our new home, he did his show. He covered local politics, and interviewed local and national people of interest. Though for a small-town station, he interviewed children's book authors, prominent figures involved in the 9-11 aftermath, Hillary Clinton, Rudi Giuliani, and many other notable people.

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