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Madonna and Guy Divorcing, Madge Rekindles A-Rod

Madonna and Guy Divorcing, Madge Rekindles A-Rod
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With divorce imminent, sources close to Madge report romance with A-Rod

It's a busy day in the tabloids, folks! According to the UK Sun, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have officially decided to separate.  In a statement released  by  their PR reps, it states simply: “Madonna and Guy Ritchie have agreed to divorce after seven-and-a-half years of marriage, their representatives confirmed today.”  According to the paper, the release states that no settlement has been reached but the couple has asked the media respect their privacy during this matter.  This comes on the heels of Us Weekly’s report that Madonna and Yankees star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, recently divorced himself, with whom she had a rumored fling in July.  Sources on both sides of the camp report that her relationship with A-Rod is not causing the divorce, but that she agreed to keep the relationship under wraps until she could file for divorce after her tour was over.

Wow!  Ok, first of all, I really hoped that she would find happiness with Guy, even amid rumors of a relationship with A-Rod.  However, if these rumors are true, this might make for one nasty divorce .  It’s hard enough to split when children, property and millions of dollars are at stake but if there’s hanky-panky going on, I can’t imagine macho man Ritchie taking this lying down.  Even if the relationship between Ritchie and Madonna is falling apart, the possibility of reopening that A-Rod wound might be kindling for a big explosion when it comes to the settlement. 

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