Time is Running Out

Time is Running Out

Colleen realizes she only has 99 days to finish planning her wedding.

I went online yesterday to check our registry and see what gifts people have bought us so far (one of the many fun perks of registering) and on the Crate and Barrel web site, it thoughtfully gives us a countdown to the big day. In huge red letters it said "99 DAYS until your event." I couldn't believe it.

Whenever anyone asks how wedding planning is going, I give a no-big-deal shrug and say, "We've got nearly everything done." And I used to believe that when I said it, until I saw that we only have 99 days left! We have to get his ring, pick out the tuxes, finalize the cupcakes with the baker, give the DJ our reception instructions and no-play list, get fitted for my dress, buy shoes and jewelry, and probably about 50 more things that I haven't even thought of.

Not to mention, my shower is in two weeks at my house and for those of you who have been reading earlier blogs, you know that Fred and I are remodeling the house. It's not exactly party-ready.

And Fred and I are even closer to moving. We both had really great interviews with prospective employers in New York and could possibly move in September--the month when Crate and Barrel will kindly remind me that we have less than"30 DAYS until your event."

Even thought I'm not the crazy type and am not near turning into a bridezilla, I'm beginning to realize what all the stress is about...

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