Speed Dating Dos and Don'ts

Speed Dating Dos and Don'ts

Speed Dating Dos and Don'ts

Speed Dating Dos and Don'ts
A few first-hand tips.

cheersBased on a recent speed dating experience, graciously sponsored by New York Easy Dates, I came up with the following list of tips for what to do and what not to do to make the most of one's time in the unique world of forced encounters on the clock.

DO tell a person about your habits or quirks. Just maybe not in the first sentence, like "Hi, I'm really messy. What about you?" Oh, are we moving in together? Funny. I thought we'd just met.

DON'T use humor that might possibly be perceived as off-color, or worse, just plain un-funny. For example, don't mock the Indian accent of your med school classmates to a date of Indian heritage. She probably does a better imitation of her relatives than your non-Indian self could anyway. You'd think this one would go without saying.

DO feel comfortable voicing if you're feeling nervous or awkward about wearing a "Hello, my name is..."tag, making small talk for six minutes and rotating to meet another stranger at the sound of a gong. Chances are, your date feels the Twilight-Zone vibe, too. Plus, disclosure is rad.

DON'T, for the love, ever answer the "What do you do for a living?" question in the following manner: "Hmm, let's see... how I can explain this to you? Have you seen "Pretty Woman"? Yes? Ok, I do what Richard Gere does in that movie." I can't expound enough on the d-bag nature of this response. How would women ever possibly understand the business world without Julia Roberts films?

DO take notes. Seriously. You think it'd be easy to remember details about 15 people, but it's not.

DON'T knock it till you've tried it. Whether you're looking for an activity buddy, using it to get yourself back out there after a break up or going all out in search of true love, life is short and speed dating awaits.

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