"My Boys" Star On Dating: Timing Is Key

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"My Boys" Star On Dating: Timing Is Key
Jordana Spiro dishes about dating on and off the set of her hit TV show.

What happens when your best friends are guys and you start to fall for one of them?

That tricky little dilemma is playing out this season on My Boys, the TBS comedy series about a female sportswriter with a successful career and a posse of close guy friends. Jordana Spiro plays P.J. Franklin, who has a crush on her poker buddy, Bobby (Kyle Howard), though he remains unaware of it. The second season opener answered the question raised in the Season One cliffhanger: which man did PJ invite on a trip to Rome? But the poor girl's romantic dreams were dashed when Bobby clearly wanted to remain a buddy, and P.J. chickened out on opening up to him.


"She thinks that she's this really aggressive person and that she's not a wallflower. But she'll make that first step and as soon as there's not a sign she's making the right choice she pulls back, as if she didn't care in the first place," Spiro, 31, analyzes her alter ego's behavior. The situation grows more complicated when Bobby, who begins dating the Swedish nanny employed by P.J.'s brother, comes up with a solution to the girl's immigration issues—and it involves the words "I do." Naturally, P.J. takes on the role of wedding planner.

"You know when you have a crush on somebody and just want to be around them? P.J. genuinely believes that she's doing it for him as a friend and she's convincing herself of that. But she just wants to be around him, which is so sweet," says Spiro, who reveals that the so far unlucky in love P.J. will get a new love interest later in the season.

Spiro uses words like endearing, energetic, dorky and real to describe P.J., who's more comfortable drinking beer and playing poker with her guy friends than on a date. She's in a steady relationship now, but finds plenty of familiarity in her character's situation.

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