What's The Magic Number?

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What's The Magic Number?
To sleep around or to settle down? A torn woman confesses.

true hook up confessionsFrom our friends at True Hook Up Confessions:

From one to 50, it's up to each of us to decide how much sex we need to have before we settle down. (Don't worry, we don't count repeats!) The big question is, how do you know when you're done?


One True Hook Up Confessions reader was concerned about her growing volume of lovers:

06/02/08 4:33 PM | category: The Dating Game

I've slept with my share of guys... I think it's around 20, and I'm almost 30. Every age group from 19 to 42...different races...but why am I still not ready to settle down and commit to one guy? I want to commit but I'll still feel like I'm missing out on something. Maybe because I was loyal in an unhappy marriage from 20 to 26? Or maybe because i just haven't found the right guy yet who makes me want to forsake all others?

Is there a magic number where things should slow down? Should you save yourself for Prince Charming? How do you know you've met The One?

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