Are Stereotypes About Black Relationships True?


stereotypes black relationships
Perceptions and stereotypes on love, marriage, & race busted wide open.

What negative perceptions have you heard about black men and women?

"I've heard countless 'men ain't no good stories.' One reason I feel black men are scared of commitment is because they never learned how to love a woman. A lot of men and women are raised in broken homes, and these become our examples of what a relationship is." --MICHAEL, 44, Black, single


"I've heard black women are bitter and disappointed because they've met a brother who's not stepping up. Meanwhile Black men whine about the struggle of the black man and bring the fight back home, resentful if you're successful and feeling as if you have to be submissive so they can be the king somewhere." --SOLI, 46, Biracial, recently single

"I've heard that black men are no good and all black women care about is money. I've found that some black women are lost or just looking out for the money. But some of that comes from the type of women I've been dating." --PETER, 44, Black, divorced

"I've heard from black men I've dated that black women are 'tough'. But I've found that some of those men, didn't want to work at the relationship or in general." --ELLA, 38, White, single

Why are there so many negative myths about black men and black women and their relationships?
"I know many great black relationships and marriages. But we don't talk about them. Good relationships take work, no matter what color you are. Relationships have become dumbed down, for many reasons, dating younger women or outside your race. So any issue black women have with their black men becomes a big deal and they are seen as aggressive or harsh for having raised it." --STELLA, 46, Black, divorced

"I've heard black women are too this, that or whatever. I believe it's a cop-out for some people who want to rationalize their decision to date outside the race." --MARCIA, 51, Black, single

"Some black women are drawn to characters: the guy with the dreadlocks, the rapper or the guy in the purple pants, who may not be the best choice in a partner. They then attribute their bad experiences with these types of black men to all black men." --ROGER, 40, Black, single

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