One-Night Stand Etiquette

One-Night Stand Etiquette

One-Night Stand Etiquette

One-Night Stand Etiquette
The polite way to go about having a one-night stand.

The morning sun shines through the window. You yawn sleepily, stretching your arms above your head. Rolling over, fluffing the pillow, your eyes open and you find yourself face-to-face with the friend of a friend of a friend you met at last night's party.

Now what?

Be honest
Let's rewind to the beginning of the evening. Between the drinks and dances—but prior to heading back to someone's bed—one of you should clarify expectations. If all you want is a one-night stand, that's fine, but be upfront. If you want more, it's a good idea to bring that up, too. If you utter "Milano" and he starts jabbering about the two of you on an Italian holiday while you just wanted a cookie, it's best to look for someone else with whom to spend the evening.

Be prepared
If you're starting to tug at clothing and making out in the corner of the bar is no longer appropriate, you're going to want to get out of there. Tell someone where you're going—just in case—and keep your cell phone handy. And ladies, if you didn't slip a condom in your purse when you left the house, get one from the bar bathroom or your best friend. He may not be able to "find" one when the time comes, and ending up naked in his bed with no condom and too much Stoli in your bloodstream is a recipe for disaster.


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