10 Great Dates You Haven’t Thought Of Yet


10 great ideas
Creative dates that will keep your relationship interesting.

We live in an age of intricate technologies, 24/7 entertainment and sensory overload—so why is it so tough to think up creative dates? Of course, early in a relationship, you're so smitten that even dinner at Denny's seems exciting. But when you've done the ho-hum and the humdrum—dinner, a movie, bowling—you crave new ideas to keep things interesting. Here are ten ideas for great—and mostly cheap—dates that will not only entertain but allow you to get to know your mate in a whole new way.

Stargaze. Few activities are as romantic as gazing up at the stars together, and you can plan this date for most any night, no matter where you live. If you have access to an observatory (many college campuses have them, so check around), head over to check out the facilities. But even if you don't have a nearby observatory, you can still enjoy the stars. Grab a pair of binoculars (or just gaze sans equipment) and a map of the sky—and sit in the backyard with some light refreshments, pointing out the constellations. Are Your Astrology Signs Sexually Compatible?

Host a tasting. Develop sophisticated tasting palates by practicing at home with a variety of wines, beers or even vodkas. Buy a selection and pour 2-ounce samples of each (less for hard liquor, obviously), then examine them on a variety of levels: clarity, texture, flavor(s), etc. Rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, according to your enjoyment. (Helpful hint: When sampling, progress from lightest to heaviest—i.e., drink the white zin before the merlot, or the pilsner before the porter.) Not into alcohol? You can do it with coffee, chocolate or olive oils. 4 Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

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