Why Guys Control the Remote (& Other Stereotypes)


Why Guys Control the Remote (& Other Stereotypes)
One man sheds light on some of the oldest male stereotypes.

There are a lot of unfair and untrue male stereotypes floating around. At the very least, the stereotypes that are true are seriously misunderstood. As a guy, I've experienced first-hand what it's like to be stereotyped and it's not a good feeling. Unless you are an attractive pro athlete who is somehow clumped in with a group of Nobel Prize winning scientists, but this is rare. While it's not fun to be stereotyped, stereotypes often exist because they offer some kernel of truth. I don't speak for dudes everywhere; these are just my personal thoughts about these male qualities.

On Listening

I am not a good listener. I know this because I catch myself not listening to my future wife almost daily. It's not during the big, important conversations—I can sense those coming and tune in. It happens more often when she is talking about her day at work, or what ingredients she used in the pasta sauce. In a way, I do care about these things; I know I make a million little inconsequential statements each day and that's part of what makes us adorable to each other. But I also feel a responsibility to have deep thoughts at inconvenient times and to solve the riddles of the universe. Like, what's at the center of a black hole? How can they be infinitely dense? My mind wanders into thoughts like these when I should be paying attention to my fiancée. This inattention results in me: a.) Not figuring out the whole black hole thing, and b.) Not knowing why the pasta sauce is spicier than usual (later: paprika!).

On The Remote
For me, having control of the remote combines two impressive skills; knowledge of TV programming and quick, hand-eye coordination in the form of button pushing. Wondering if Ace of Cakes reruns are on at 8:30? I can tell you yes, they are. Are the fist fights in Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 3 getting too loud? Let me adjust the volume to the perfect amount—it requires the black receiver remote. Need to switch from the local news to Bravo ASAP? I can get you there with four button presses, and I can do it without looking, just by feel. These are technical matters.

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