Why Is A Good Man So Hard To Find?

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Why Is A Good Man So Hard To Find?
One man reveals where all the good guys have gone.

Finding a good man should be a unique experience for every woman and based on her personality. You must know what "good" means to you, decide where you enjoy meeting people, and simply relax. He's out there, waiting for your natural charm, beauty and intelligence.

Define "Good"


Everyone is different, and although most people will agree that a wide-reaching handful of generic qualities like "funny," "intelligent," and "honest" are "good," who wants to be generic when you're looking for Mr. Right? You want specifics, little portions of his personality that sparkle in your eyes and invade your soul. Forget good, you want freakin' wonderful!

You must remember, however, that your version of wonderful is likely much different than that of your mother, sister, co-worker or hair-stylist. Know what you want in a man? Excellent. Hang on to that. Some women don't have a mental list - they are open-minded and perhaps simply wait for love to smack them over the head with a heart-shaped anvil.

No matter who you are, your version of "good" is just as unique as you are.

Location, location, location

Taking the concept of uniqueness one step further, you should look for a good man in a place you truly enjoy. If you're a musician, join a band. If you love bowling, sign up for a league. Even if your passion is something unusual, like saving endangered species, you can always find other like-minded folks, especially online.

If you love going to bars, go for it. Just remember that everyone is different, so you may not find love in this "traditional" dating location. Even though you might meet a good guy who's out with friends, you must decide what venue works for you.

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