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What To Do With A Cheating Husband

What To Do With A Cheating Husband

We've got a far more creative idea than "standing by your man."

It's a humdinger all right. After all, our day jobs exist because we know relationships are complicated.

Take this week: Just when you think you've deep-sixed one seriously depraved New York politician, accusations arise that another was not only secretly gay, but, oh by the way, he and his wife were having threesomes with his driver long before he ever came out. (Not that that in itself is necessarily depraved.) Hmm.

Like we said, love rarely resembles a 50's sitcom. And we don't pretend to know what Silda should do with her Eliot, which is why we put the question to you:

49% of you said Silda should divorce her philandering hubby faster than bunnies attempt to make little bunnies.

25% of you were in favor of Silda hiring her own boy toy (hmm....wonder if McGreevey's driver is still available.)

13% believe she should stand by her man.

7% said she should tell all on Oprah.

And 6% were fans of her taking up pole-dancing.

Personally, I'm in favor of the alternative offered up today: For starters, let him stand at the podium all by his lonesome while you fly off to Paris.

And if you were to engage in a little financial infidelity while away, we're pro-that, too.


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