Dating Background Check

Dating Background Check

Could the Internet be our dating magic 8-ball?

Admit it, single ladies. You've done it before. Right before you start primping for a first date with that too-cute-to-be-true guy you met at the gym - you've sat down at your computer and Googled him.

Tango has explored this concept before, but it's obviously not just a passing trend. Are we ruining the mystery of that first conversation or just trying to protect ourselves from any nasty surprises? Well, the latter is my primary intention. I mean, who wants to spend an entire dinner with an ex-con, a serial player, or even worse - a Republican?

Googling a date has become the protocol for a lot of women, although I've never heard of a man doing it. Are we more cynical as a gender or simply trying to make sure the water's tepid before we dive in? 

Check what our expert Daily Dished on this topic a few weeks ago...


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