Is Office Flirting Good For Business?


office flirting
Some people think making people feel good makes them better at their job.

An article on CNN today talks about the ups and downs of the work spouse. They define a work spouse as a coworker whom one shares a special kinship. They’re there to lend their emotional support like a regular spouse (‘their,’ ‘they’re’ and ‘there’ in one sentence? Are they on drugs?). Generally, these work spouses are of the opposite gender and can lead to a little something more than intended. If you watch The Office, think of Jim and Pam from Season One. But not Michael and Jan.

Chances are if you work in an office this is not a new concept. But it is a far cry from the old days of office flirting. Which typically involved an executive shagging his secretary from time to time. That’s if Mad Men is an accurate description of reality. We all know the downside of office flirting; sexual harassment issues, awkwardness, and lack of professionalism. But the upswing is the emotional and intellectual support. Not to mention that flirting is a nice little confidence boost (check out a Dish on why we flirt). That confidence boost plus the idea that someone thinks you’re nice-looking could help you land a big sale according to CNN. We’re sold.

Just don’t cross the line. Okay, maybe cross the line. Sneaking around is exciting. Don’t get caught. And if you do get caught you may have to sign a love contract. Or start looking for a new job.

Check out what else CNN has to say about the office flirt…