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You Make Me Want a Mac

You Make Me Want a Mac

Do Mac-toting men make better mates?

The handsome man holding the door for me as I walked into the Mac repair store held my stare long enough to be, ya know, one of those looks. Once inside with my service number—which resembled an Admit One carnival ticket—I witnessed more lingering stares between the customers around me. In a backdrop of busted motherboards and laptop accessories—the air felt heavy with flirting. Who knew that the Apple repair joint would be such a love shack?

Well, actually, maybe it’s not all that surprising. According to new research by Mindset Media, a research internet ad network, which polled 7,500 online consumers on their personality traits, Mac users are less modest, more assured of their superiority and more open than the general population. Over-confidence and a lack of modesty sure seems like the magic combination for skipping the small talk and jumping right to the “Your place or mine?” glances that took me by surprise. And while these seemingly negative traits may make me want to hang a veil over my glowing Apple icon, the truth is that being direct is sexy. Especially when you consider the other personality characteristics that Mindset uncovered. Mac users are socially and politically liberal, intellectually curious, and more likely to buy organic food, drink quality coffee and drive a hybrid car. It just gets better!

So while arrogance is not necessarily a plus when it comes to a mate, the other qualities do suggest a thoughtfulness and a commitment to the world (and really, don’t you too just live for a dark and rich French Roast?). If this type of guy sounds good to you too—get thee to the Mac shop, pick up a new laptop tote and take home your very own, very special, Mac Daddy.

Check out our Mac Daddy video. Different context, but same name...


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