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Plant some Man Seeds and grow your own dream guy.

man seedsIf you read Genevieve's post on growing a boyfriend yesterday, and you're still in the market for a "grow-your-own," we've found even more innovative ways to get your hands on Mr. Right. Actually, Kim Yarmuch has a solution: Her cheeky Man Seeds blossom into six different men, from a thinker (Philosopher Regularum) to a techie (Coolum Geekus)—and they’re only $2 each at

The idea hatched as a birthday joke, when Yarmuch gave homemade Man Seeds to a friend in need. "She was single, it was summer, and she was just a little down," she says. "Turns out lots of people get the joke and are willing to pay money for it."

Man Seeds hit the market in 2003, followed by swashbuckling Cowboy Seeds two years later. Although the seeds grow assorted wildflowers, not men (darn!), Yarmuch said she has never received a complaint or a return. She has, however, had a few requests. "Men have often asked me, 'When are you going to make Woman Seeds?'" she laughs. "I tell them, 'When guys start buying each other presents.'" Only then can you expect to see windowsills abloom with Anna Kournikovasus.



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