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Online Dating Minus the Ugly People?


Online Dating Minus the Ugly People?
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." According to DarwinDating.com, apparently not.

…From the absurd and offensive files we bring you DarwinDating.com, which boasts the tagline: Online Dating Minus the Ugly People. Really? Then how did this guy make the site? He’s doesn’t exactly set my loins a’ fire.

And actually, doesn’t the saying go, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? According to DarwinDating.com, apparently not. Their strict guidelines require that you don’t suffer from: sagging (boobs or anything else), weird pubic hair, red hair, pasty or patchy skin, out of date hair, or webbed feet or hands.

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It’s hard to take this site seriously and not think it’s fake. The press release states “The great Charles Darwin proposed the theory that living beings evolved through a process of natural selection where the fittest, healthiest and most attractive beings procreate to further their species.” While I don’t recall Darwin penning a “Hot or Not” chapter, I do know that when Charlie spoke of the “fittest” he was talking about reproductive fitness, not a toned core. So unless DarwinDating.com is promising remarkably healthy swimmers and fruitful wombs, I would say that these come-hither posers are nothing but false advertising. Plus, you've got to think that guys and gals busy blowing kisses to themselves in the mirror have a good chance of being pounced on by a 300-pound gorilla coming their way.

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