Are Babies the New Boyfriends?


Are Babies the New Boyfriends?
Young Hollywood thinks so. Why diaper duty might be preferable to dating.

A gorgeous, muscle-bound boyfriend? So last season! The most-wanted arm candy right now is fat, slobbering and breast-obsessed. Yes, babies have replaced boyfriends as the new "It" accessory in Hollywood. Already A-listers including Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek, Milla Jovovich, Keri Russell and Maggie Gyllenhaal have just gotten one; Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Lily Allen, and Nicole Richie are on the waiting list, and Sheryl Crow and Meg Ryan adopted theirs.


Though the paparazzi breathlessly track every maternal milestone from bump to baby's first photo, one tiny little detail is consistently underplayed: the baby daddy. But, um…whatever! Boyfriends are like, so 15 minutes ago!

Even in big-screen romantic comedies, boyfriends have gone from raison d'etre to third wheel. Two of 2007's biggest hits, Knocked Up and Juno, are about single women who get pregnant and decide to have their babies, even though they're not in a romantic relationship with the fathers of their children (or anyone else).

Still, most experts agree not everyone should be sporting a baby. But like low-rise jeans, lots of people who should be avoiding the trend are jumping on the offspring bandwagon. Exhibit A: Jamie-Lynn Spears. Not only is a baby not a good look for a sixteen-year-old, but her family's mommy track record so far isn't so great. Jamie-Lynn's pregnancy, though, has been a boon to her career.

Pre-procreation, she was barely recognizable except to tweenybopping Nickelodeon fans. Ten or so condom-free minutes later, though, and she's a household name, even managing to momentarily push big sister Britney off the tabloid covers, a feat few have managed in recent history. (And did we mention the $1 million she reportedly pocketed for giving an exclusive on the story to OK!?)

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