Korean? Male? Need a Wife? Try Vietnam.

From the New York Times

HANOI, Vietnam — It was midnight here in Hanoi, or already 2 a.m. back in Seoul, South Korea. But after a five-hour flight on a recent Sunday, Kim Wan-su was driven straight from the airport to the Lucky Star karaoke bar here, where 23 young Vietnamese women seeking Korean husbands sat waiting in two dimly lighted rooms.

“Do I have to look at them and decide now?” Mr. Kim asked, as the marriage brokers gave a brief description of each of the women sitting around a U-shaped sofa.

Tango’s Take
Please see Tuesday’s Dish on Hana Bank’s effort to curb this.

Women in Manhattan thought they had it bad. The only chance that Korean men have is a Korean, male Carrie Bradshaw to empower them. In all seriousness, this problem is going to become a greater and greater problem in South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. A number of these cultures have outdated (by our standards) views towards women. Early gender detection leads to some number of abortions. Some Indian villagers have to trade their daughters for brides for their sons. Tango predicts an awful lot of frustrated young Asian men with a lot of time on their hands if this trend doesn’t stop.

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