The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together

The Joy of Flex: Exercise Better Together

Work out as a couple. The couple that sweats together and stays together.

When people think of romantic venues, global hotspots like Paris, Bermuda or Fiji often top the list. But it turns out an even quicker trip, to the gym, may be your portal to improved physical and emotional intimacy. In fact, working out together side-by-side builds not only bigger muscles, but a stronger emotional bond.

"In any type of physical activity, endorphins and adrenaline are released, so you'll feel happier," says Stacy Kaiser, an LA-based psychotherapist and the resident advisor on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, Tyra Banks and Greg Behrendt shows. The added benefit? Do it together, and you'll associate this insta-mood boost (think: runner's high) with your significant other. That, in turn, creates positive associations in the relationship.

Bringing your partner along also increases the odds you'll stick with the routine. "Everyone who joins the gym has great motivation in the beginning, then they lose it, explains Ralph Anastasio, general manager of The Printing House, a full-service health club in downtown New York City, "but working out with somebody boosts your attendance and your ability to reach your goals." The gym actually instituted a two-for-one policy to encourage the trend.



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