Field Guide to Geeks

By YourTango

Field Guide to Geeks
What's your type? Here's a comprehensive geek guide to help you decide.

The Manga/Comic Book Geek
Akira kryptonium

Markings: Ink-stained fingers, Wolverine Underoos.
Indigenous to: San Diego Comic-Con—an annual convention featuring anime, toys, superheroes, and overweight men in Superman T-shirts.
Mating call: “Looks like we’ll need a Comic-Condom!”
If approached: Be prepared to discuss who would win in a Batman vs. Spider-
Man fight.


The Sci-Fi Geek
Trekkie matrixus
Markings: Well-worn original Battlestar Galactica T-shirt, DVD boxed sets.
Indigenous to: Midnight-before-opening-day movie screenings.
Indigenous to: Midnight-before-opening-day movie screenings.
Mating call: “You know, my framed Star Wars posters aren’t the only thing in this room that are well hung.”
If approached: Refrain from making any sudden movements around their
limited edition X-Files, Lost, or Babylon 5 figurines.

The Computer/IT Geek
Markings: Pale skin, carpal tunnel syndrome.
Indigenous to: Basements, Internet cafés, anywhere they can steal a Wi-Fi connection.
Mating call: “URAQT WTGP F2F?” Translation: You Are a Cutie, Want to Go Private Face to Face?
If approached: You won’t be, but your computer might. Know the difference between Windows, Leopard, and Linux. If he compliments your As, Bs, Cs, or Ds, save the blushing—he’s discussing disk drives.