Manscaping: The New Grooming Trend?


Manscaping: The New Grooming Trend?
How much grooming does a male require? "Manscaping" and more explored.

These days, most guys have gotten the metrosexual memo: They keep their nails clean, embrace the idea that Irish Spring shouldn’t double as shampoo, and some even allow spouses to gleefully weed-whack their unibrows. But venture below the chin (we’re talking chest, back, shoulders, and nethers), and it’s still a no-fly zone, grooming-wise. Or was.

In certain Hollywood circles, rumors of x-treme manscaping are beginning to circulate. The latest trend, gaining in popularity, is known, poetically, as the “back, crack, sack wax,” raising the question: How low do you want him to go? Most women who value manly men don’t want their partner transformed into Mr. Bigglesworth, and yet most of us might give the green light to a little “lite” maintenance for the hairier sex.

Then, if you do come down on the side of manscaping, how to broach the subject? Delicately, to be sure. And don’t be afraid to offer a bribe, says John Esposito, co-founder and co-owner of Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers in New York City. “Get him a gift certificate to a salon, and make it fun,” he suggests. And if your fuzzy-wuzzy honey still insists on wearing his thatches like bearish badges of manhood, here are five reasons for him to reconsider:

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