History’s Most Famous Lotharios


Meet four seducers (one present, three past) who rewrote the book of lovemaking.

They wined, they dined, they were banned from entire countries for their womanizing. Meet four seducers (one present, three past) who rewrote the book of lovemaking.

Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) was the 18th-century version of a platinum status player. The famous Venetian adventurer, writer and social icon was notorious for his prolific womanizing, and the boasting that followed hot on its heels. His weapons of choice were charm, lies, and even intimidation, which led to him being banned from certain countries (the 18th-century equivalent of girldon’tdatehim.com.) His actual “number” remains unknown, but in his autobiography, Histoire de Ma Vie, Casanova cites 122 sexual conquests.

Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) The Crooner was so much more than just the voice that made (makes?) women swoon. Ole Blue Eyes himself may have been a bit of a tramp. Despite that Italian mobster charm, he worked his bad boy appeal without getting too grimy. The secret to his seduction? An impulsive romantic streak which enabled him to sweep more than a few starlets off of their kitten-heels and into hasty marriages. Who doesn’t love a man who loves commitment?

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