Britain’s Most Unusual Family? Lesbians Who Both Have Had Baby From Gay Drag Queen

From Daily Mail

It is undoubtedly one of the most unusual family set-ups in the country.

A lesbian couple have both given birth to babies using sperm from the same father - a gay drag queen they met in a nightclub.

The bizarre deal was made when Stephanie Burns, 23, asked her lesbian friend Joanne Bartle, 40, to help her find a sperm donor so she could become a mum.

Using an NHS hypodermic syringe Stephanie got herself pregnant after Joanne injected her with sperm donated by outrageous female impersonator Ryan Egeley, 21.

And Joanne, who has a three-year-old son from a previous straight relationship decided she would follow suit and used a separate batch of sperm donated by Mr Egeley.

Tango’s Take
Sometimes life throws you lemons. Sometimes your reproductory plumbing is non-compatible is with that of your partner. You don’t quit. You don’t go out and adopt someone else’s kid. You want a ‘real’ kid, one who is 50% just like you and 50% just like someone you can tolerate. So you and your female life-partner suck it up and have a gay drag queen produce his ‘sample’ and get going. This sounds slightly more reasonable than the plot to Spike Lee’s She Hate Me, in which a straight man gets paid for impregnating hot lesbians. And he does it the old fashioned way. We’re talking about coitus. So that’s fun.

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