Quiz: Do You Fall For Bad Boys?

By YourTango

bad boys
Do you have the bad boy bug? How to know and how to remedy.

Two men walk into a bar. One man swaggers. He has a strong jaw, an unsettling gaze, and an urge to order whiskey straight up. The other man … um, who cares?

Ah, bad boys: the eternal temptation. They've been besting the likes of feisty heroines for centuries: Virgil's Dido, Shakespeare's Helena, Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett, Margaret Mitchell's Scarlett O'Hara, Gossip Girl’s Blair Woodward. But do bad boys—in the immortal words of Gloria Estefan—really make us feel so good? Or are we setting ourselves up for failure, overlooking the perfect mate in favor of, well, losers?


Take the quiz:

Like 'em naughty? Answer true or false.
__ 1. Infatuation is the best part of a relationship.
__ 2. Challenge excites me.
__ 3. I long for excitement in my life.
__ 4. There’s nothing more exciting than sexual tension.
__ 5. I eat when I know I shouldn't.
__ 6. I am addicted to diet drinks.
__ 7. I fall in love quickly.
__ 8. There is a bad girl side of me.
__ 9. I have a history of drinking, shopping, or working too much.
__ 10. I crave chocolate.
__ 11. Even in short-term relationships, breakups can devastate me.
__ 12. When a guy really loves me I tend to take it for granted.
__ 13. I tend to get bored in relationships.
__ 14. I have a negative history with more than one male in my life.
__ 15. I can easily get restless in a relationship.
__ 16. When I meet a nice guy I tend to think of him more as a friend than lover.
__ 17. I am happier when I am falling in love than at any other time.
__ 18. I have been attracted to two or more unavailable men in my life.
__ 19. I have had an affair.
__ 20. I have had more than one affair.
__ 21. I have had many disappointments with men.
__ 22. Over time, I doubt a man's love for me.
__ 23. It seems like certain guys cast a spell over me.
__ 24. Bad boys are sexually exciting.
__ 25. I have continued to date a guy my friends have warned me about.
__ 26. Good guys are rare.
__ 27. Even when I know a guy isn't good for me, I can't always resist his charm.
__ 28. My friends would say I'm attracted to bad boys.
__ 29. I’ve gone back to a relationship against my better judgment.

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