Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn: Married with Children

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Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn talk with YourTango about marriage and kids.

At first glance, radiant actress Angie Harmon and celebrated athlete Jason Sehorn look like the pinup-perfect couple. The public proposal on The Tonight Show. The polished red-carpet repartee. Magazine cover after magazine cover. But as Harmon's celebrated Law & Order character, Abbie Carmichael, might say: Does the evidence hold up? We decided to find out. So on a brilliant Indian summer day—with Sehorn between tapings of Fox Sports Net's Pro Football Preview and Harmon fresh off the set of Seraphim Falls, her upcoming film with Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson—we lured the couple out of their Los Angeles mansion, got a sitter for their daughters, 2-year-old Finley Faith and 1-year-old Avery Grace, and gave them a mission: to cruise the azure waters of Marina del Rey. Then we sat them down (separately, of course!) to take the first-ever Tango couple's questionnaire. The verdict is in: When it comes to the facts, this dynamic duo is in lockstep. But lest you cry foul (or publicist intervention), read on: When the questions go deeper, the answers do, too. Here's how Harmon and Sehorn stay connected, fight fair—and keep it spicy in every room of the house.

First serious eye contact?
AH: Outside Giants Stadium, where we first met. Jason's teammate introduced us; he thought we'd make a great couple. I thank him every time I see him.
JS: The first time I met her she had glasses on. After our first date, we sat in my car in front of her high-rise in New York until the sun came up, just talking. I didn't go up to her apartment. She wasn't having it!

First date?
AH: We went to a restaurant, Ruby Foo's, and I flipped my hair a ton. I was so nervous! And he waited a week to call me—
isn't that rude? He said, "If I called you the next day, you would have blown me off." He was right. But don't publish that or men everywhere will be driving women even more crazy!
JS: We went to Ruby Foo's. All I remember is that she kept flipping her hair back and forth. Now I know she was just nervous.

Did you kiss?
AH: Absolutely not. I didn't kiss him for a while. He seems to think I was anxious to be kissed. I couldn't let him know that!
JS: No, no, no. I wasn't counting my chickens. Keep Reading...

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