Starting Over Gave ER Actress New Love Attitude

By YourTango

Actress Kari Matchett discusses career and marriage with YourTango.

What's more exciting: starring in a hit show or having a "Welcome to the birthplace of Kari Matchett" sign at the entrance of your hometown?
Having the combination is pretty exciting, because the show gives my sign legitimacy. I didn't come to LA until February, and before that I'd done six television series in Canada and a number of TV movies, and I think my town decided that they wanted to honor me for all my work in Canada. So I got this hilarious and humbling letter saying they wanted to erect this sign. They had a Kari Matchett day. My day still lives in the town.

It's easy to underestimate the differences between Canada and America. As a newcomer to L.A. have you noticed any cultural differences between dating/marriage in the two countries?

I think people are more traditional in the U.S. There's a higher amount of people my age who are married and have children, and they're more entrenched in the nuclear family than they are in Canada.

On Invasion, you play a doctor who may be an alien. In your professional medical opinion, are men really from Mars?
Yes, and from other planets as well. I don't think—no matter how much we try to hone it and define it—we'll ever really know where men come from.

Your show, which deals with the aftermath of a hurricane that may have been a distraction for clandestine alien activity, premiered just a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck. Do you think this has hurt or helped the show?

I think people were so clearly mortified by the horrific events with Katrina. We thought: Why does it happen in the world, and why does our show have to revolve around a hurricane? We didn't want there to be any feeling that we were trying to capitalize on the hurricane. But the show had been shot in March and the airdate had been announced before Katrina. When it finally aired, there was no talk of that. It think the fear was that people would misconstrue our intentions, but I don't think that happened.