20 Of The Most Inappropriate Children's Books EVER


So wrong. BUT SO GOOD.

There are libraries full of classic books we've loved since we were kids:  The Giving Tree , Where The Wild Things Are, Shel Silverstein's anthology of poetry Where The Sidewalk Ends.  They inspired us, excited us, and taught us little, simple lessons about life.

… And then there are these 20 books that proooooobably never should have made it to shelves.

Covering a broad scope of "say-what?!" topics from sexually transmitted diseases and domestic abuse to sexual assault and brain-eating zombies, the list goes on and on. Old wisdom says you shouldn't judge a book by its cover … they clearly never saw these abominations of literature. In fact, I once came across a vintage copy of Mother Goose rhymes rummaging through the boxes at a flea market. And I wasn't exactly prepared for what I found inside its pages: rhyming, thinly-veiled stories of drowning kids, sexual assault and rape, even murder! Yikes. If parents back in the early twentieth century weren't saving for college, I hope they were scrounging pennies for the inevitable lifetime of therapy bills. So I can't help but wonder, what were these writers and their publishers thinking?!

And while I'm sure some of these writers had good intentions (strongly emphasizing the word "some"), a lot of these books take a really weird borderline-traumatizing approach to teaching children how to deal with adult-themed dilemmas. Don't believe us? Check out some of the most cringe-worthy, jaw-dropping kids books you've EVER seen. You can't say we didn't warn you.

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