Watch The Sparks Fly: How To Keep The Sexual Chemistry Alive

Love, Sex

Is it inevitable that the sexual connection between you and your partner will diminish?

Wanting to spice up the sexual energy in your relationship is nothing to be embarrassed about; in fact, the need to find ways to get closer to your partner is completely natural. But is there a way to keep the chemistry alive from the beginning without having to struggle to reignite the flame?

Spiritual coaches Cynthia James and Carl Studna discuss ways to make sure that the initial spark that attracted you to your lover never disappears. There are copious techniques to keeping your relationship sexy and sensual without having to force the connection. Ensuring that your partner feels emotionally and physically safe as well as respected is incredibly important.

Check out the video above for insightful advice on keeping the bond going and making sure that you and your partner are more than satisfied with your sex life.