Want To Raise Great Kids? Stop Inflating Their Egos!

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The best way to praise your kids is to not praise them at all.

It's only natural that we want to tell our kids that everything they touch turns to gold. But there comes a time when constantly patting your children on the back will only cause them to have a sense of entitlement. If you want them to grow up with a healthy self-esteem, the endless stream of praises may have to be put on hold.

Parenting Expert and Life Coach Renee Jain discusses how to help your kids' self-esteem without inflating their egos. There's nothing wrong with being a "good job" junkie, but research shows that this only motivates them to get more praise. Saying that they are doing a good job on every single thing that they do will not motivate them to accomplish what they're working on; it may actually put pressure on them to make you happy so you can dish out even more compliments. We've all been the enabler before; labeling cultivates a fixed mindset where kids become obsessed with looking good and fitting into the roles you've assigned them. Making it a point to tell your kids that they're so great and smart everyday can inadvertently cause them to stop focusing on learning and spend more timing trying to get your attention. You don't want to teach your children that they must be rewarded for every single thing that they do, even if it is pretty amazing.

Check out the video above for more parenting tips on alternative ways to get the message across to your kids that you're proud of them...without constantly praising them. Effective communication will definitely go a long way.