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Hi, I'm Vivianne Bentley, an Integrative Therapist and Transformative Life Coach (www.yourtrueessence.net) offering a holistic approach to emotional health and wellbeing.  I offer private sessions for individuals and couples.  I also lead women`s circles in the area of feminine power, sexuality, relationships and creativity.  If you do not live in Montreal, telephone sessions can be arranged.

I feel my skill is in getting to the heart of the matter quickly, empowering clients to connect to their own inner wisdom, healer and voice.  I have come to understand that the story we have about ourselves is very different from the truth of who we really are!  I believe that we each have a unique essence and energy that need to be expressed some way in the world.  When we can surrender to that essence and truly embody it, we can then live from a place which offers an opportunity to live with authenticity and joy.  I believe the right therapist and/or coach can facilitate this process helping the client to gain insight into their difficulties and offering a perspective that allows for movement in a new direction.  I love helping people get unstuck... sometimes just taking that first next step on the road to success is enough for people to find themselves shaking off their depressive symptoms, fears and aches and pains.  We all need someone to inspire and motivate us, to see our best self, I would be honoured to be that person for you.

I graduated from Concordia University with a Ph.D. in Psychology and I am a Licensed Psychologist. I have complemented my education with the study of mind-body practices such as focusing, meditation, sexual healing, dance and body movement.  I am specialized in trauma release and work with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). and Emotional Freedom Technique which are innovated mind-body energy release tools which have successfully helped millions to release emotional and physical pain or sexual trauma which may be still held in the body`s memory.  I am a certified Dream Coach.

No matter what your issue is, I will help you to turn your problems and traumas into gifts, identifying where you may be stuck, or resistant to creating the rich and satisfying life you may be seeking.
Please call or email for an appointment at 514 342 0123, ext 5 or 514 718 4442.

I am happy to chat with you if you need further information or to see if I am the right therapist or coach for you.

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