About ME

Tom has been a pioneer in video and telecommunications services for over 30 years. During that time Tom has been the recipient of a Technical Emmy Award for Digital Effects, the Supercomm Technical Achievement Award for Video Transmission Technologies, and the Broadcast Magazine award for Product of the Year. Tom’s publications has also provided him a finalist position for the Maynard and Gilbreath Awards for Technical Publication of the year. Tom first became familiar with Bern Moses and the Command Group in 1990, during a critical downturn that the business he was in was going through. Tom utilized the lessons learned in his business, taught his team the principles of the Life Formula and Command Commission, and not only turned the team around with extraordinary performance, but went a long way in turning the company around. Tom has used these lessons throughout his career with great success. Tom has 6 patents in video collaboration technologies and has established extreme definition video networking within the Energy, Military, Medical Aerospace and Automotive Industries. These collaboration environments work with video at 96 frames per second at 2K resolution on a global network. Tom has also developed a 4k video collaboration technology using fiber with uncompressed images being transmitted over 40 kilometers in real time. In the past, Tom has held executive and technical positions with Grass Valley Group, Tektronix, Amdahl Corporation and Storage Technology. Tom was the founder of TeraBurst Networks, which focused on collaboration technologies within High End Visualization Systems. Currently, Tom is working at establishing links within the Entertainment and Media Industries for global collaboration solutions at an affordable price. Tom is currently on the Board of Directors for the Multi-Sector Crisis Management Consortium, in Washington DC, the Board of Advisors with both the School of Sciences and the School of Engineering with San Diego State University, a founding member of the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology with the University of California, San Diego, and is the founder of the TeraBurst Visualization Lab at San Diego State University. Tom has a BS and MS in Engineering with the University of Missouri, and instructed at De Anza College in Cupertino, California for Apple Computer and with the Katz School of Management at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. Visit The Clear Thinking Institute Web Site and sign up for a free course Become A Fan of Clear Thinking Institute By Clicking Here!