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Stephanie Morgan uses her passion and experiences to assist others create a powerful image, inside and out, to develop fully, feel more confident and successful in their careers and lifestyles.

Stephanie’s past 25 years experience, working with large corporations in sale and marketing, gave her many great opportunities. She has truly been blessed working with people from all over the world, living and working internationally. Her experiences allow her to share and guide her family, friends and clients to overcome their obstacles and meet their lifestyle desires and goals.

While attending college in West Virginia, her father was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Syndrome after he retired from the Army. PTSD (is a form of depression, often filled with anxiety and panic attacks) was not really discussed during those years openly and in public. It was just known as “One of those things”. Her family worked with her father’s therapist and doctors to help him live close to a normal life as possible. Stephanie volunteered her time and services helping other veteran’s family members understand the “why’s and do’s of PTSD patients.

Stephanie relocated to North Carolina as an Accounts Executive for Estee Lauder. This then leads her to a larger opportunity working for Corning, one of the largest fiber optic manufactures globally. After working at Corning for almost five years, she meets her future husband. Relocating to Texas, getting married and having two wonderful step sons was the start of another glorious adventure in her life.

In 2005, her husband was asked to relocate to Berlin, Germany to run operations for the EMEA organization. They, together with the youngest son, moved late summer. Stephanie worked part-time for Corning as a Strategic Project Manager involved with American and European business opportunities. Moving to a foreign country without knowing anyone or speaking and understanding the language is a life change experience all on its own. Stephanie saw this as just another adventure to be more experienced and the opportunity of a lifetime. Since only working part-time this allowed her to get more familiar with her neighbors and the area they lived in. She joined the International Women’s club along with the American Women’s club of Berlin. This provided an opportunity for a support group. There is a special bond formed with other expatriates living in a foreign country. In all honesty, it was more like one large family instead of a support group.

Whilst attending a conference in Lyon, France, Stephanie met a Life Coach. This meeting inspired her and really sparked an interest in Life Coaching and to be able to do something she loves and cares about. Among a range of individuals, Stephanie also worked with a few clients going through divorces internationally, family member diagnosed with cancer, and being a mentor for those wanting to improve their international business skills.

On the anniversary of their 3rd year in Berlin, Germany, Stephanie’s husband was called back to the U.S. and hence they moved to North Carolina. Stephanie went back to corporate world full-time. She did enjoy the opportunities of mentoring colleagues in the organization, but she felt something was just missing in her life.

Stephanie then decided to take early retirement from corporate life. She started working with clients, mainly women experiencing major life changes, such as women who after a life-time of being in a relationship or marriage found themselves single alone again, becoming empty nesters or simply needing help with goals of a healthier lifestyle.

She also works with other expatriates who have now repatriated to the United States.

Stephanie received her Professional Coach Certificate from Coaches Institute International. She is the founder and president of Life Coaching Inside & Out, LLC.

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