About ME

Wouldn’t you like a life without limits?


Do you dream of a different life but feel it’s beyond your reach? 


Skye believes that if you can dream it you can live it and she would love to help you make your dreams your reality!


A person without fixed limits has before them endless possibility for growth. The Undefined Mind is a soul-centered coaching approach that focuses on disassociation from pre-determined roles, characterizations and limiting beliefs.  Coaching sessions are focused on redirecting energy towards a unifying center that is grounded in the Authentic Self.  As you center your energy inward you empower your soul.  Self-expression will become a true reflection of what resides within bringing you an overwhelming amount of inner peace.


Because you possess all of the inner resources necessary to manifest the life you desire, Skye’s role as your coach will be to assist you in accessing your own inner wisdom.  Sessions will focus on learning to use your inner strength to move you easily towards the life you desire.  As you do this Skye will gently support you in maintaining a sense of inner peace regardless of what is taking place externally.  Things once perceived as roadblocks will become stepping-stones in your growth. Whether you are seeking renewal, clarity, direction or balance it is most definitely within your reach.   Skye believes that everyone can enjoy a fulfilling and joyful life and she is committed to your success!


It’s Your Life – Make it the life you always wanted!

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