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Has your struggle with your weight, obsession with your food and how you look taken over your life and stopped you from showing up as your best in your relationships?

At 49 and a half, I was feeling fat and looking frumpy. Excusing it away by blaming the middle age thing… the I have kids saga… the just be happy as you are mode… or you look good enough scenario… just didn’t feel right. That ‘good enough’ state didn’t fuel my confidence level. They were unfulfilling boring excuses.

On my 50th birthday, I changed all that, defyied the odds, and stood nearly half naked on stage next to my 20 year old daughter.

I am Rosie Battista and I am Your Healthy Body Builder, Trainer and Food Maven.

So why was I half naked? Because I was fulfilling a lifelong dream of being a body builder figure competitor, and bodybuilders wear barely a bikini to show off their muscles. Yup! I lost 38 pounds in 16 weeks and showed up on stage as the best version of myself. (Of course I have pictures to prove it *wink wink*)

It sounds like an impossible fairytale, but it’s absolutely the REAL DEAL.

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