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I created Gay Men of Wisdom because I believe that being gay is about much more than just having a different sexual orientation. Gay men--and you--possess distinct gifts and play special roles in the human family. I believe that when gay men know how they serve and benefit humanity, they will have an even greater impact on society and speed the evolution of consciousness.

Gay Men of Wisdom began in 2012 as a series of programs to help my gay male life coaching clients understand how their distinct ways of being benefit people around them. It quickly grew into a community-based project--an idea laboratory--in which I invited gay men to explore ideas about gay men's purpose, developed by thoughtful gay writers and leaders, and consider how those ideas applied to them. I introduced my own ideas to the mix as well.

Over two years, I facilitated:

  • A year-long discussion group at New York City's LGBT Community Center, and a group at the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk, Connecticut
  • A year-long online discussion group, which brought together gay men from across the United States and Canada
  • Three Weekend Intensives at Easton Mountain
  • Workshops at the Rowe Labor Day Retreat, Living Soulfully chapters in the northeast, and elsewhere​
  • In 2014, I decided it was time to write. Gay Men and The New Way Forward synthesizes the ideas explored in Gay Men of Wisdom groups, many of the concepts in the gay literature, and my own observations. It is thus the result of a unique process--an iterative exploration of what it means to be a gay man today.

    My training as a life coach deeply informs the Gay Men of Wisdom work and Gay Men and The New Way Forward. I received my formal coach training through Coach University and have held certification through the International Coach Federation since 2009.

    I have spent most of my career in the nonprofit sector as a writer. I specialize in making persuasive written cases to fund the important work that nonprofit organizations do. I have a gift for recognizing the capacity, vitality, and impact of a nonprofit and turning it into compelling language. As I completed Gay Men and The New Way Forward, I realized I had just engaged in a similar process, in support of gay men.

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