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***Quick aside; If you are here then its probably because you read one of the comments I've left somewhere and wanted to take a peak. I am one of those sarcastic people (not a negative one) and sarcasm doesn't always come across as such when typed. Just an fyi...please resume your regular programming.***

You'd think after filling out several of these on various dating sites that it would be easier to pin yourself down. Maybe if you don't consciously choose to embrace change it is. I like the fluidity of my life, but I also like the constant core of who I am. Nothing extra-ordinary, just a decent guy with a big heart and an open mind. I've been a cheerleader, a semi-pro dancer (modern and ballet, no poles), an inventory clerk, an A/V technician, and now an A/V Manager. Says as much about me as the eternally banal and un-edifying statement of "I like to have fun."

Folks have different barometers, or yardsticks, to measure the evolution of their inner "selves" by. Mine turns out to be relationships. My favorite tips and advisements from friends in regards to how I conduct myself in a relationship include; You are too nice. If you were more of a prick then you could get more women to go after you.; Women are like bananas. You go to the store and you see that the regular ones are cheap and easy to get. The sweet apple bananas cost a little more and are more fulfilling (this was drunken advice); You can get someone prettier than the girls you usually date.

For me, I'm a guy so I do need that physical attraction. But it only lasts for so long at that level. I need more. To me, relationships, romantic or not, are very much indicative of who we are as a person based on how we handle ourselves in them.