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Since my youth, I have been fascinated by the backgrounds of human behavior. I am interested in people and their stories wanting to know what they dream of and what is their personal meaning of life.

Over time I have received a number of different answers to my questions, so varied, diverse and unique as the people themselves. There was one thing they all had in common: the dream of romantic, unconditional love.

On my one-year world tour, I learned a lot about the life in Islamic and Hindu culture, about the structural differences and similarities of relationships. I’ve always been interested in the role of women and the idea of perfect, ever-lasting love.

Driven by my inquiring mind and my curiosity, I studied physics and completed  many coaching trainings, seminars on learning and speed reading techniques, some spiritual courses and finally the Robbins- Madanes “Coach Training for Marriage Counseling and Systemic Interventions”.

There have been many ups and downs in my life. The separation from the father of my first daughter and subsequent serious financial difficulties are only part of it. However, very often in my life I had the good fortune to be at the right place at the right time and got to know so many great people who enrich my life and and my mission until today.

In my life, there is one subject that will always fascinate me: LOVE. Through my own experiences and observations, I put my focus on four issues:

  •     Why is it so difficult to find a man if I am ready for a relationship and in contrast, why is it so easy to feel attractive when I have no interest?
  •     Why are there so many of us looking for the right partner and what is the key to a loving, fulfilling relationship?
  •     How can we live the relationship of our dreams?
  •     How can we keep passion alive in our relationship?
  • These questions are interesting for every woman and every man, no matter which culture, social class or religion they come from.

    I would even claim that life is all about love and that almost everyone wants a happy, harmonious and passionate relationship. I have not only dealt with scientific studies on relationship and attractiveness, analyzed happy long-term partnerships, discovered the differences from the less successful couples but also experienced all of this knowledge by myself and applied it.

    Love is a lifelong, dynamic process which may be growing constantly and is the source of an extraordinary life with success at all levels.

    I now live the relationship of my dreams and love to share my knowledge with women from all over the world through my blogs, seminars and books.

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