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Hello! I’m Coach Mark, and I’d love to connect with you. You may have seen me giving a Being Love relationship workshop or met someone who has positively transformed their life after receiving my coaching. For more than a decade, I’ve been empowering women and men world-wide to re-align with their heart and values, remove what’s in the way, stand for their wonderfulness, achieve extraordinary results, and enjoy fulfilling relationships & lives. Sometimes this is done by compassionately understanding what a client has come through, what’s important to them now and why they must have it, and then shifting their perceptions and strategies to get the results and joy they desire. Often powerful questions intuitively come to me that help clients find their own truth and heart, and take actions which make all the difference to the quality of their lives.

I’ve always had a passion to help people find answers, relieve suffering, and evolve in consciousness, so they become what they’re seeking instead of just trying to gain it externally. My career in Life Coaching began in 2001, following several life-changing personal growth courses I participated in, and later began staffing. Then graduates started calling me for additional support, and my coaching practice was born and has progressively expanded ever since, now with clients on several continents. I believe that who you become in the process is even more important than what you achieve, and that life is an adventure in learning & love. It’s always fun to be a supportive part of the journey, and to witness how Divine support shows up in the perfect way and time.

I’m the author of Being Love: 26 Keys to Experiencing Unconditional Love, which is a top-selling eBook and is available in paperback and hard cover as well on Amazon and BN.com. It’s a book that gives practical steps to unblocking and deepening one’s experience of love with oneself, others, and one’s Source. This book came out of my own relationship experiences and from successfully working with clients and couples in sessions and workshops. I live with my beautiful wife and amazing 2 year old son in the Orlando, FL area, two of my greatest teachers of love and truth.

I have extensive training and experience coaching clients in the following areas:
• Relationships, Marriage, Dating, Feminine & Masculine Energy Dynamics
• Physical Body, Vitality, and Health
• Emotions & Meaning
• Time Management
• Career, Creativity & Passion
• Finances
• Spirituality & Contribution

Education, Background & Affiliations:
You can read more about my professional background at www.lifecoachmark.com/about-mark , and below are a few highlights.
• Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance
• Owner of LifeCoachMark.com 2001-2011
• Member of International Association of Coaching
• Results Coach for Anthony Robbins’ company 2008-2010 & now in 2012
• Transformational seminar facilitator & host of a meditation group
• Bachelor of Science, Construction, with projects built in California & Missouri
• High School football, basketball, and baseball coach & counselor for ten years
• Founder of an Asset Management Company
• Business Consultant to Micro-cap Public & Private Companies

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact by phone or email. I’d been glad to give you a brief consultation and share resources that may be helpful to you.


(407) 429-5288

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