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Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to understand how I could make my life as I was living it better.  How do I get what I want to be happy instead of what I am living that is not making me happy.  I always believed there was something better for me.  And so began my journey towards loving myself.  Obviously at 5 years old everything just seemed so confusing and I did not realise that this was going to be the story of my life. To know and love myself, which has my greatest passion rooted in trying to understand my journey, understand who I am and to be myself.  Much later did I then want to share these insights with others who are also walking the path.
I spent over 20 years in corporate and I loved it, I was successful, I had amazing relationships with my clients and I got great satisfaction and joy from my time spent in that arena...until the day I did not any more.
How and when this happened I’ll never know but all that is important to know is that this "uncomfortable-ness" initiated the need for incredibly change within me.
I wanted out, I had no clue what I wanted to do but I knew one simple fact, I wanted to be happy – it was that simple.  Happy because I simply was  - not because of a deal I had closed, a promotion I had received or bonuses I had earned just happy.
I remember when I decided to leave people around were horrified, according to them I had no other financial income or safety net so how could I leave.  My question to myself was "How could I not leave" the price I was paying to feel financial "safe" had become too high a price for me.  Safety did not equate to happy.
Someone said to me, "You are giving up everything for nothing" and my reply was and still is, "I am giving up nothing to gain everything that is valuable to me!"   I have always been interested in psychology, self-help seminars, in fact anything that could help me to understand myself and how to make meaningful and long lasting change that I wanted in my life.
After leaving corporate my path finally lead me to Life Coaching and the transformative changes I longed for finally started to happen!  I studied to be a Martha Beck Life Coach purely because I feel like I am a soul child of Oprah.  Martha Beck was Oprah’s in-house life Coach – so why not? That was the simple reason.  But the heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of (Shakespeare). 
I had found a vehicle through Coaching, through which I could work with and apply to my life.  I had found a way to get to know who I was, and in the process love who I was.  I also realised during this time that I have a deep desire to help others have that “Aha” moment, that moment when everything makes sense and you can feel it all the way down deep in your loving soul! I wanted to serve in a way that brought myself and others joy because this made me happy.  Then the inner learning’s began but I will leave that for another time.
If clearly defined life transforming change is what you desire then I believe that one of best investment you will ever make will be investing the time on getting to know yourself, then getting to love yourself.  The choices you then make will always come from a place of self love and respect and more importantly, be an act of love towards yourself and that takes courage.  Courage is what you need on this journey and courage is what you have.  When that moment comes, where the desire for more joy is greater than the fear, your courage will rise within you and there is no turning back.  I have learnt to know myself and trust myself - that is so powerful and I believe this is the start of transformation in your life. Taking responsibility for yourself completely allows you to take your power back from whatever situation or person you are giving it to - because you don’t know yourself enough to trust yourself enough.  Powerful stuff but we are all born powerful; I want to remind people of this.

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