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About Lydia Kickliter

I am Lydia Kickliter, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Personal Development Coach. My approach to helping people achieve their goals is to guide an individual towards their unique talent and ability to create change. I believe that we are all capable of change, regardless of how overwhelming our story may seem. I truly see myself as a facilitator of truth. I have helped people recognize their worth and their innate value within the world.

Through my work with survivors of sexual abuse, I began to recognize the courage it takes to not only want something different, but to create a new reality. I help people understand that we all have the ability to be brave. I am trained in EMDR and Trauma Focused CBT and realize that in some way we all have experienced trauma in our lives. I guide individuals towards recognizing the lies that are present in their stories and give them the tools to tell their story differently. When the story has a new ending, freedom becomes a lifestyle.

The progression from counselor to coach is a natural one for me. Once people can recognize that they are not “sick,” they can move towards the grander picture of creating the life they want. I can help make that transition a successful one.