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Hi, my name is Janet. I'm a certified etiquette consultant, a certified life/divorce coach, and a member of Love Story Women's Circle. I am also a member of Celebrate World Peace. I believe in spreading world peace. Hence, I help women of divorce or break-up to overcome the trauma sometimes faced as a result of being single again.

Oftentimes, women become so broken and emotionally unsettled from divorce or break-up, and need help finding their way again in life. I help spread peace in their lives, wherein some divorced women may otherwise resort to doing harmful things that they would later regret. I coach women of divorce or break-up who have self-confident and self-esteem issues, and help them find a way to heal. I also coach women ways of releasing their fears, to love again after divorce, and help them get their lives back on track in becoming unstuck when they are stuck.

I created a ten-step signature coaching program that is very effective for women of divorce or break-up. My program is called 'Loving Again After Divorce or Breakup'. I know the mental and emotional scars of divorce, as I have been married four times, and divorced three times. My second husband passed away in 1990.

I have written my first book, A Rough Journey to Triump: Life After Multiple Divorces, which will go to print, and uploaded to Amazon and other places very soon.

Life has been very satisfying, fulfilling, and rewarding for me after my divorces. I have become richly renewed, happy, vibrant, and love-filled. I began loving myself on a very deep level, and loving myself first and foremost is key to loving another.

I have four amazing children, six adorable and loveable grandchildren, and one super-duper and affectionate great-grand child, all of which are the apples of my eye! I love art shows, street fairs, travels, dining out, backyard barbecues, movies, walking, parks, meeting new people, and loving life!

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