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Are you experiencing any of these common signs of job dissatisfaction?

  • You make up excuses to call in and skip work…or imagining these excuses has become a part of your morning routine
  • You wake up 15 minutes before your alarm goes off with anxiety about your workday that hasn’t even started
  • You’re continuously thinking of ways to turn your love for Pinterest DIY projects into a lucrative business
  • You love your employer, your team and everyone you work with, but you don’t have the same fuzzy feelings for your role in the company
  • You’re starting to convince yourself that job satisfaction doesn’t exist and you will be rewarded for your loyalty some day
  • If you're guilty of any (or all) of these, it’s time to be fearless and do something about it! Your career doesn’t define you, but it affords you the lifestyle you love and a lifetime of experiences and adventures with those you care about. When you’re coming home drained, stressed and cranky from work and know that you have more work to do, when can you find the time to enjoy the people and activities that you really are passionate about?

    Start telling yourself that it’s your time, your life, your career and your choice to find fulfillment and purpose in your career taking up more than half of your waking day. If you’re tired of job dissatisfaction, want your time back and ready to get the career results you want, let's work together!

    During our sessions, I'll teach you effective career management practices to implement into your personal and professional life. Think of me as the champion promoting your personal and professional development. Just imagine all you can accomplish if you were fearless in overcoming the obstacles standing in your way of success--wouldn't it be worth it to make some changes?

    Judi Umali-Rajkumar is a career coach and champion for the professional woman ready to dominate the personal and professional obstacles standing in the way of her career success and true leadership potential. She is a certified life coach with 10 years of combined career management, talent development, recruitment and human resources experience. Through her leadership roles in companies within the banking, automotive and IT industries, Judi has a proven track record of developing talent for career opportunities.

    Tired of work taking over your life and still not getting your desired career results? Schedule a free consultation to learn how Judi Fearless' winning game plans will accelerate your career, monetize your passion and get your life back!

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