About Justin Kelly McClure

Honest, Irreverent, Hilarious, Genuine about Dating.

I'm in the trenches with you trying to figure it out. I talk about the psychological affects of online dating through humor and observations to help others nurture the best relationship: the one with yourself. I know something about that. In no way am I a dating expert...I have no idea what that is. I'm an "expert" on trying, evolving, being curious about the world, and offering philosphies about what I see.

My site, justinkellymcclure.com, is insightful, funny, honest, and sincere about dating in today's world. Consider my book "Pray Your Kids Are Ugly" which is about the productivity of people "in the future" and things to consider when online dating.

Everything else can be said in my work. The proof of someone's worth is in the content they create, not what is announced in a biography.

My articles and videos on dating have appeared in CNN, Fox, MSN, and as a professional comedian/lecturer I have performed in over 40 states, 10 countries, and many USO Tours - I was also a featured semi finalist in NBC's Last Comic Standing.

Lots of great stuff on my site

  • I offer Services to help you with your online dating experience. Check them out.
  • Helping you be more honest about who you are online.
  • Making you laugh about all the things we say to seek approval.
  • You'll learn your authentic self has always been good enough.
  • Here are some funny dating animations I made.

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