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My name is Jeffrey and I'm a very socially awkward person. I have an unusual sense of humor which often causes people to question my sanity. I am not insane, and I'm not sane either, but I am just starkly juxtaposed to the prejudice of what people so inaptly refer to as 'normal'.

I am obsessed with all things mathematical. I am notorious for forming mathematical analogues for almost anything, as it occupies most of my conscious thoughts and probably all of my unconscious thoughts. I am also obsessed with organizing and cataloguing my books and other materials. I take pride in keeping my things neat and orderly, and there is a proper location for everything.

I require long periods of solitude during the day, which I usually spend doing homework, research, or letting my mind wander uninhibitedly.

I value originality and creativity, sometimes even more than rationality. I am always careful to question everything and form my own thoughts and opinions about certain matters while being as objective as possible. This has led to my rejection of politics, viewing it as an inherently preposterous endeavor.

My sensitivity and openness to experience are my defining features. Combined with my intuition and eccentricity they produce a beautiful intellect. However, sometimes my associations go awry, in which case they produce minor perceptual distortions.

I always carry a clipboard and notepad around with me to jot down random thoughts, ideas, and things I want to do. I've found it to be quite useful.

I have a soft spot for kitties, bunnies, baby duckies, and cute girlies. It would be a dream come-true if I had the chance to cuddle with all four of these beautiful creatures at once.