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As the creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) and the Founder of the non-profit Children’s Success Foundation, my mission is to inspire others (that’s you!) to propel children to greatness – especially the difficult or intense kids. I serve parents, educators, and healthcare professionals, emphasizing positive influence and non-medication methods of treatment. The Approach has made its way into numerous realms of treatment, education, and community, and is being used in millions of households worldwide.

I have written several books on the topic of challenging children, including Transforming the Difficult Child, currently the top-selling book on the topic of ADHD and otherwise challenging children; The Inner Wealth Initiative, one of the leading books on school interventions; You Are Oprah – Igniting the Fires of Greatness, a book that outlines ways to apply the Nurtured Heart Approach to one’s self; and All Children Flourishing, a book that describes the approach’s use with all children, difficult or not. I am honored that four of my eight books are in the top one percent of all books on Amazon.com, which I see as confirmation that this is a message and methodology that fits the needs of so many in this moment in time.

Among the blessings that I count is teaching the Nurtured Heart Approach through live presentations to professional associations and child-advocacy groups, worldwide and have consulted for numerous psychiatric, judicial, and educational programs. I share the Approach with the general public through online courses and certify parents and professionals in the Approach through NHA 5-day live Training Intensives. I have also received the honor of being the featured guest on CNN and a consultant for 48 Hours.

Although I have done extensive doctoral work in the fields of Clinical Psychology and Educational Leadership, my own years as a “difficult child” contributed the most to my understanding of the needs of challenging children and to the success of this Approach. Like many difficult children, I was raised by loving parents who tried as hard as they knew how to reach me with the methods at their disposal. They attempted time and again to put things right with my accelerating proclivity for poor choices, but the wisdom of their time left them in a compromised position. They never achieved the impact they desired, and as I grew older, we drifted apart. Little did I know that my pain would eventually fuel my passion.

Helping children and parents find positive connections and mutual influence has become a core theme that I carry forward in my life work, using the vehicle of The Nurtured Heart Approach, a methodology that emerged from my own experience and intuition.

My second passion – helping children have a positive relationship with their intensity – has become the crux of my work. I believe children can use their intensity in positive ways, and above all, that Intensity is a gift that needs to be nurtured – not medicated away. The core methodologies of the Approach give each child the sense that his or her intensity is in fact a gift - it encapsulates the wonderful qualities and unique contributions they bring to life. The result: the child comes to accept and grow into his or her core greatness, then acts-out greatness and manifests it everywhere he or she goes.

It is my hearts desire to inspire you to become a force of greatness in your family and your community. I invite you to explore our website for the Children’s Success Foundation. Here, you can learn about our online courses, our NHA Certification Training, and find other helpful resources. But my favorite part is that you can easily register for our FREE, video-based e-course that introduces you to the basic tenants of the Approach - this is an amazing door opener; I highly recommend it!

I am overjoyed at the success of this Approach and believe all parents and educators, even those with well-behaved children, can benefit from learning how to inspire thriving relationships and awaken success with all the people in your life. I welcome you in finding a new path to greatness.

As we say in the Nurtured Heart Approach . . .

To Your Greatness,

Howard Glasser

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