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Dr. Gary Penn’s resume reflects a tremendous amount of experience and name recognition. He is a licensed psychologist with offices in Encino and Brentwood, California. Dr. Penn works with adults and couples. His clientele includes top business executives, sports stars and celebrity actors as well as a wide variety of adults and couples who are struggling to find clarity, happiness, meaning and purpose in their lives.  Celebrity or not, a great number of people are struggling with a life that is not fully lived.  Insecurities and fears along with corrupted personal, social, and communication skills prevent people from psychologically evolving. Dr. Penn is committed to helping people break free from their damaged psychology. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Penn conducts leadership and conflict resolution seminars to corporations and at conventions throughout the world. Dr. Penn is also an adjunct professor of psychology at Antioch University.

Dr. Penn is a prolific writer who has written articles that have appeared in numerous national magazines. In addition, he has been featured in such publications as Time Magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Los Angeles Times. He has also appeared on “Leeza” and “Good Morning America” among other television programs.  Previously Dr. Penn was a talk show host on KFI Radio, which is one of the top-rated talk stations in the nation.

I Can’t Believe My Life Has Come To This! is Dr. Penn’s first book. It is a culmination of years of experience as a practicing psychologist, successful businessman, media personality and world-renown lecturer. This book provides clarity and profound insight into an individual’s psychology. The book is exceptionally readable, motivating and inspiring. I Can’t Believe My Life Has Come To This! provides step-by-step methods for confronting fears so that one can live the life that matches the one he or she dreams of.

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